8 Smart Small Bathroom Ideas You Should Try

If you dream about a luxury spacious bathroom whilst you just have a tiny little one, don’t worry, you just have to release your creativity and some brilliant ideas to make it come true.

Good for you, there are lots of small bathroom ideas to inspire you to create big illusion for your little bathroom. Go check out the following 8 smart ideas to make your bathroom looks more spacious and beautiful.

Small Bathroom Ideas

1. Change out all restrictive barriers

Without too much barriers, of course, your small bathroom can turn to the bigger one. Put a see-through barrier like glass material to enclose the shower or bathtub. It takes up a lot less visual space.

2. Mirrored medicine cabinets

It’s time to get rid of old fashioned cabinet doors, and put some mirror on it. Surely, you can get multiple functions from your new mirrored medicine cabinets. It’s not a bad idea when you combine first aid and fashion, right?

3. Hang the toilet

Having a wall-hung toilet would save your precious space. If you’re asking, where you should place the tank is,yes, it’s hiding behind the wall. When you’re having a small room, you have to consider every possibility to make it more spacious.

4. Keep your countertops clean

It’s needed your awareness and discipline to put back your stuffs to the storage after you used them.The scattered small things on your countertops take some parts to make small bathroom even smaller.

5. Corner shelves

It’s one of 8 smart small bathroom ideas that you should try. Take advantage from plain corner next to your toilet. Hang some shelves, and organize your stuff well would help you to get spacious and tidy bathroom.

6. Hang a picture

Well, this time, you’d think that I’m kidding you. No, I’m not. Hang a picture like a landscape or your favorite place would give you some pleasant feeling when you’re showering. It also takes a big part to beautify your small bathroom.

7. Portable storage

If you are an easily-bored person, it’s perfect idea to have a portable storage. One different thing takes big part to the room atmosphere. Having a portable storage would ease you to change it with a new one, since it’s affordable and stylish. Also, you can put it wherever you need it.

8. It’s all about lighting

The light tone lighting would make your small bathroom visually bigger. Since you’re concern to make it so, you may take the lighting tones seriously. If you’re planning to make a luxurious bathroom, you may like to apply the lights not only for the walls and tiles, but also for the details such as furniture and rugs.

That’s all about 8 smart small bathroom ideas that you can try. Don’t underestimate some little things like details, because it would make such a huge different atmosphere in your bathroom.

Everything’s possible to take part of your project in purpose to make visually bigger bathroom. Let out your creativity to make some wonderful things. Happy trying!

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