Types of fireplaces

A fireplace is such a structure which is made of bricks, stones or metals designed in a way that can contain the fire to keep a house warm. It consists of a firebox and a chimney. Woods are placed in the firebox to burn, and the chimney is made to exhaust and escape the smoke generated from the fire. This is a very useful structure in cold countries to keep a house warm in such cold. This can be a life savior in countries where the temperature falls below zero. It is a very common structure in houses of European countries where the temperature is too low. There are varieties of the design of fireplaces according to the need. Now a day it is made according to the interior of a house as it enhances the looks of the interior. Let us get know the types available for it.

Types of Fireplaces: There are varieties of fireplaces available now a day. Fireplaces are broadly categorized in wood burning, gas burning and ethanol or electric burning. These categories are made according to the substance used in burning fire in the fireplace, but there are several types of the fireplace in each of the categories. Let us see that.

Wooden burnings: These Types of Fireplaces are those in which woods burn fire. The variants in this fireplace are:

Open hearth: These are the oldest type of lights which are made from bricks and stones which are made in public area of a house. In this fireplace, you can feel the smell and the heat of the wooden burning. But it takes too much time to construct such fireplace, and that is why now a day it is not very popular.

Enclosed Fireplace: These fireplaces are enclosed and made inside the house. Most of the fireplaces are made in this manner. These are designed in such a way that more heat in absorbs in the house and less of the heat escape from the chimney

Wooden burning stove: This are not technically regarded as a fireplace, but it allows you to burn wood for heating. A stove is used to burn wood and heat up a place.

Gas burns gas burnings: In these types of fireplace fire and these are much popular now a day. Some of its variants are:

Direct vented built-in fireplace: This type of fireplace is vented through a constructed chimney, and the flame of fire is yellow in color that gives the feel of a wooden burning fireplace.

Unvented built-in fireplace: This type of fireplace doesn’t require a chimney or vent and can be built-in indoor. The flame color remains blue in this type of fireplace.

Electric burning fireplace: This type is regarded as the best fireplace because of its ease of installation and its contemporary design. In this fireplace fire burnt by electricity thus make it more safe and reliable. Nowadays this has been the most used fireplace. It also has certain varieties like fireplace conversion, mountain wall fireplace, tabletop fireplace, etc..

Types of fireplaces

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So think and choose wisely among these different Types of fireplaces.

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